Rust from Stars was created daydreaming throughout time about this giant rock hurtling through space while walking the streets of industrial Bushwick, Brooklyn, my adopted home - and Birch Run, Michigan, my forever home. Everything on Earth has once been in the sky; everything we touch is rust from stars.

Hand poured metal and carved wax create some shapes. Casting and refinishing rough found objects create others. Open to be inspired by grit on the street to wind in the trees, Rust From Stars is kindled by the gorgeous trash and natural beauty that surround us every day, sometimes hidden, sometimes in plain sight. By nature, dreams, and shapes one can only feel as one makes them. Sometimes accidental or reverential references to holy symbols happen, only to be realized once created. This is what excites Rust From Stars.

My name is Cassidy Mosher. All pendants are hand-made in the United States, made between Brooklyn and Birch Run, Michigan. The goal of this line is to provide steady jobs for a small growing core group, while keeping the environment always in mind.

I love working with fabric, metal, space and light.

Rust from Stars is one fractal of what I create.